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by Jack Chambers
Canada / 9:00 / 1965
sound / b/w

"Mosaic's carefully tuned strategies of montage are already present in its opening title sequence. Isolating the individual letters of its entitlement, it shows them in succession before gathering them all together. Likewise, Chambers recasts details from his surroundings in a symbolic lyricism that joins the rhythms of mortality and rebirth. Its fragmented collage collects a fly infested corpse, a woman strewing flowers, a runner, an old man standing, and a child nursing from his mother’s breast. An elegant and sophisticated reshuffling of domestic temporality, ‘Mosaic’ boldly anticipates the themes of Chambers’ well-known later work.” -Mike Hoolboom

“It was in the summer of 1964 that I made my first movie, ‘Mosaic.’ I shot literally miles of film since I was also learning to use the camera. The film finally ended up nine minutes long...”- Jack Chambers

Exhibition Formats

  • 16mm


  • art and artists


  • experimental
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