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If you're a curator, educator, broadcaster or festival programmer you can access one of the world's most important sources for contemporary film – the CFMDC collection – right here on-line or in-house where our facilities include a Resource Centre and 16-seat screening room.

Curated Programmes

CFMDC staff, who are specialists in areas such gay and lesbian films, Jewish films, and gallery installation works, regularly organize special programs from our collection. Focusing, for instance, on an individual artist, a theme or country, they are excellent teaching aids and provocative programs. These programs are available for rent or purchase and are priced according to length and number of screenings. See bottom of page to download full program information and film titles.

Animals & Insects (2007)
10 Canadian Films; Total Running Time 50 minutes

Animals and insects feature in this lively program of narrative, experimental and animated shorts. Learn all about the life cycle of a fly (A Little Life) and watch out for the spiders which are Behind the Walls & Under the Stairs!

Canadiana (2007)
10 Canadian Films; Total Running Time 75 minutes

A celebration of Canada from coast to coast, starting with a trip across the Trans-Canada highway in Stephen Arthur's Tran Scan, and ending with Taylor Kirk's lovely documentary In Bobcaygeon. In between we visit the Prairies and get an advance dose of winter.

Creating the World: Art, Music & the Imagination (2007)
7 Canadian Films; Total Running Time 72 minutes

From the riotous All the Great Operas (in 10 Minutes) to the haunting Subterranean Passage, this program explores the worlds of art, photography, music and poetry through a variety of shorts both sly and serious. "Once I had the power to disappear, to sink inside the dragon's dreams, to touch the dragon's sandy skin, as if it were my own" (Amanda, in Subterranean Passage).

Made By Hand: Film as Handcraft (2004)
12 Canadian Films; Total Running Time 64.5 minutes

The past decade has seen an explosion in the number of filmmakers working with handmade or artisanal techniques, including hand-processing, colour toning, "cameraless" methods such as scratching, drawing and painting on the film with dyes, and even homemade emulsion.

Short Stories & Fractured Fables (2003)
8 International Films; Total Running Time 81.5 minutes

This program explores the limits of narrative in cinema, encompassing stories told in animation, using pastiches of established cinema styles, constructed from found footage, documented from real life, or woven together as a complex web rather than a straight line.

The Lighted Field (2003)
8 International Films; Total Running Time 66.5 minutes

Each of these films makes particularly careful use of the film frame as a compositional and structuring tool, emphasizing framing and duration over montage.

Bodies in Time (2003)
8 International Films; Total Running Time 70 minutes

The body has always been a primary photographic subject, and filmmakers have often used the shape of a film as a metaphor for the shape of a life. These films engage with themes of mortality and memory, loss and desire.

Trouble in the Image (2003)
8 International Films; Total Running Time 70 minutes

Filmmakers have invented an infinite number of devices for complicating the reception of a film and undermining traditional conceptions of unity and composition. Using fragmentation of the frame, irony, bricolage, direct address, and exaggerated pathos, these filmmakers confront the viewer with images whose status is never stable.