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by Jack Chambers
U.S.A. / 15:00 / 1966
silent / colour

“‘Hybrid’ shows, in near-documentary fashion, the planting of flowers crosscut with a looming military presence viewed in photographs. This polarity of life and death, still and motion, courses throughout the film until its final eruption into colour drafts between a war-scarred generation of Vietnamese children and a flowering London stalk. A defiantly personal response to a war whose images haunted the public imagery of the 60s, ‘Hybrid’ stands in answer to any who feel an irreconcilable divide between art and politics...” - Mike Hoolboom

“The Vietnam War was very upsetting to me: I did not agree with the American presence in Vietnam. I thought that a film showing some of the tragic aspects of the war would serve as a useful tool for fundraising.” - Jack Chambers

Exhibition Formats

  • 16mm


  • environment
  • political/social activism


  • experimental
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