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The Hart of London

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by Jack Chambers
Canada / 79:00 / 1970
sound / colour

“[The] Hart of London is composed largely of newsreels, i.e. photographs which are wedded to a particular place and time. For these reasons, they evoke a sense of loss. These images... are arranged in patterns which consist of the alternation of icons of birth with icons of death: the juxtaposition of footage depicting the birth of a child with footage depicting the slaughter of a lamb is one evident example.” - Bruce Elder Back and forth, between life and death, the film creates a “real” view of the world around, and gradually, as the real world comes in to focus, there develops an almost subliminal theme of the “Hart of London” - a deer which was trapped and killed in downtown London, Ontario in 1954. In the second part of the film, the images become symbolic of the pursuit and death of the deer. This theme is repeated again and again in the real images of everyday life.

Exhibition Formats

  • 16mm


  • experimental
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