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Cairo in One Breath

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by Anna Kipervaser
U.S.A./Egypt / 79:32 / 2015
sound / colour / English and Arabic with English subtitles

Every day, people are being replaced by machines. The adhan is a 1400 year-old oral tradition in the process of unprecedented change in Cairo. After sixty generations, thousands of individual muezzins are being replaced by a single voice broadcast from a radio station as part of a plan of the Mubarak regime. As the Adhan Unification Project takes hold, Egypt undergoes Revolution and regime change. The film follows muezzins from when they heard rumours of the AUP through its implementation, which since 2010 has displaced thousands.

Exhibition Formats

  • digital file


  • environment
  • family
  • history
  • media studies
  • multicultural
  • music
  • political/social activism
  • spirituality
  • work by/about women


  • documentary
  • experimental
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