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Complete Works of Joyce Wieland, The: 1963-1986

Canada / 2011 / sound

This 5-disc set brings together for the first time the film works of Joyce Wieland (1931-1998), largely regarded as one of Canada's most influential and important artists. Spanning a period from 1963 to 1985, the collection includes sixteen shorts and two feature films made from new high-definition digital transfers.

A multi-disciplinary artist who produced work in a wide variety of media, Wieland's intelligent and irreverent explorations of female sexuality, domestic life, ecology and Canadian nationalism put her at the forefront of feminist practice. Wieland made her mark in the film underground in New York in the 1960s, where she was associated with structural filmmakers such as Michael Snow and Hollis Frampton. While her films employ materialist formal strategies, the irony and socio-political content of her work sets her apart from her structuralist compatriots, as does her exploration of narrative.

The collection is accompanied by critical texts by scholars Kristy Holmes, Anne Low, Allyson Mitchell, Izabella Pruska-Oldenhof, Johanne Sloan and Leila Sujir. It will be of vital interest to film- and art-lovers alike, as well as those involved in the fields of film studies and production, visual arts, art history and women's studies.

Volume 1: Shorts 1963-66

Larry's Recent Behaviour, Patriotism, Patriotism Part II, Barbara's Blindness, Peggy's Blue Skylight, Water Sark

Volume 2: Shorts 1967-69
1933, Sailboat, Cat Food, Handtinting, Rat Life & Diet in North America, Dripping Water

Volume 3: Shorts 1972-85
Pierre Vallieres, Solidarity, A & B in Ontario, Birds at Sunrise

Volume 4: 1969
La raison avant la passion/Reason Over Passion

Volume 5: 1976
The Far Shore

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