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Chaises, Les

by Vincent Grenier
Canada / 8:30 / 2008
sound / colour

“With Vincent Grenier's LES CHAISES (2008), the suspended moment is loosened and stretched, and like the wind that blows throughout, there's no sense of where it starts or stops. The HD views, which should quiet once and for all any remaining skeptics of the medium, are appropriately breathtaking; under the rustling leaves of a quiet afternoon subtle gradations of light and shadow, red and green, form.

“In one recurring shot, Grenier fixes on the vinyl surface of a red chair, inviting us to sit and get lost in the image. The mottled reds, seemingly endless in their variation, fill the screen, and become more than an image, more than just an abstract rendering of a commonplace object, but an experience of the sublime. In Grenier's hands, the camera becomes a tool for discovery, a way of seeing, an open path.” - Genevieve Yue (

Two weather-worn red vinyl chairs on an outdoor promontory oriented toward a “view”, stand as witnesses. The chairs themselves provide openings or internal views, into color fields, their standard issue “natural textures” upholstery, oval screens for the light projected through wind swept tree leaves. - VG

Selected screenings: First Prize (Jury’s Choice Works), Black Maria Film & Video Festival (Jersey City, NJ, 2009); Athens International Film & Video Festival (2009); Media City Festival (Windsor, ON, 2009); New York Film Festival, Views from the Avant Garde (New York, NY, 2008)

Exhibition Formats

  • Beta SP NTSC
  • Digi-Beta NTSC


  • landscape/arch.


  • experimental
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