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Refraction Series

by Chris Gehman
Canada / 8:00 / 2008
silent / colour

Refraction Series offers an experimental approach to optics, using simple materials and techniques to generate a range of images of pure light and color in motion. The film is inspired by the ideas of early scientists who investigated the nature of light and visual perception, particularly the experiments and writings of the tenth-century Arab mathematician/scientist Ibn al-Haytham and the English mathematician/scientist Isaac Newton. Winner of the Peter Wilde Award for Most Technically Innovative Film, 2009 Ann Arbor Film Festival.

Selected screenings: TIFF Wavelengths Programme, 2009; Ann Arbor Film Festival, 2009; Media City Film Festival, 2010; Belvedere Museum (Vienna); Mois Multi

Exhibition Formats

  • 35mm


  • experimental
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