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When you distribute your films through the CFMDC they will be available to local and international curators, educators, broadcasters and festival programmers who access the CFMDC as one of the world's most important sources for contemporary film.


Q: If I place my work with CFMDC, can I continue to submit to festivals on my own?

A: CFMDC believes that artists should be paid for any public exhibition of their work, so we do not submit to festivals that do not pay artist fees. However, there may be reasons that you want to submit to festivals that don't or cannot pay rental fees. If you do so, we ask that you list CFMDC as your distributor and keep us informed of any screenings.

Q: Can you send me a list of which festivals you will be submitting my work to?

A: If your work is included on a particular compilation, we can usually provide a list of festivals it will be sent to. In cases where this is not possible, you are encouraged to check in with CFMDC before submitting to a festival to make sure that we are not already submitting it on your behalf.

Q: It is okay to put my work on-line through a site such as YouTube or Vimeo?

A: If you are submitting your film to festivals or hoping for a broadcast sale, it is best to wait until these possibilities have been exhausted before posting online. This is because a public on-line posting through YouTube, Vimeo or the like, is considered a "broadcast." As such, it will make your film ineligible for broadcast sales that require a first window, and also for some festivals that require premieres.

It is safe, however, to post a trailer version online. If you would like to make your entire film available for preview on-line, you should make the file password-protected (possible on Vimeo, for example). As long as it is not available freely to the public it is not considered a broadcast, and will not disqualify you from festival screenings or broadcast sales.

Q: What exhibition and preview materials do I need to supply?

A: For productions finished on film:

1 Exhibition print (Super 8/16mm/35mm);
1 Video sub-master for broadcast, if applicable (Beta SP NTSC or Digi-Beta NTSC);
1 Quicktime file (see "How to Prepare a Digital Master" for specs).

A: For productions finished on video:

1 Beta SP NTSC exhibition copy;
1 Quicktime file (see "How to Prepare a Digital Master" for specs).

1 DigiBeta NTSC exhibition copy;
1 Beta SP PAL exhibition copy;
Other exhibition copies such as HD CAM.

Please note that we are able to produce Beta SP NTSC copies from your Quicktime file for a nominal charge.

Q: I mastered to DigiBeta and it looks much better than Beta SP. Why won't you accept DigiBeta as an exhibition copy?

A: Beta SP is still the standard video format for festivals, and many smaller festivals cannot screen DigiBeta, so we ask for one Beta SP copy at minimum. However, you are encouraged to supply DigiBeta as an additional exhibition format and for broadcast sales.

Q: Can I give you a Mini DV master for exhibition?

A: We can accept Mini DV masters, but please note that this will limit your screening possibilities as not all festivals can screen Mini DV. It is also a fragile and unstable format. If you are going to put your work in distribution, it is worth the extra cost to get a Beta SP copy from your Mini DV.

Q: What is the difference between NTSC and PAL?

A: NTSC and PAL are two different video formats which require different playback equipment. NTSC is the North American standard and is also used in Mexico and Japan; Europe, the UK, Australia and New Zealand use PAL. SECAM is also used in some European countries (such as France), but generally SECAM countries can also screen PAL. DigiBeta decks can normally screen both NTSC and PAL, but Beta decks usually only screen one or the other.

Q: What is the benefit of providing a Beta SP PAL copy?

A: If you have finished on video, it is a good idea to make a Beta PAL copy so that your work will be eligible for festivals in countries that use PAL (see above). Having only NTSC will restrict your festival possibilities.

Q: Can I borrow my exhibition copy if I need it for a screening?

A: We are not able to loan out prints or exhibition videos on your behalf to festivals and exhibitors that do not pay rental and shipping fees. If you will be submitting to festivals on your own, please make sure that you have an extra exhibition copy.

Q: Can I pay my membership fee out of future rentals?

A: Unfortunately we cannot debit membership fees from futures royalties. CFMDC is a member-driven organization and we depend on membership fees as part of our operating revenue. All filmmakers who wish to place work with the CFMDC must first become members.