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Trains of Winnipeg - Limited Edition DVD Multiple

by Clive Holden
Canada / 89:00 / 2006
sound / colour

This special edition DVD multiple of Clive Holden’s “Trains of Winnipeg” project is packaged in a 35mm film can and contains:

1 DVD, signed, of the Trains of Winnipeg feature film cycle

1 CD-ROM, signed, of the Trains of Winnipeg multidisciplinary project components, including: the Trains of Winnipeg audio CD as MP3 files; the Trains of Winnipeg book as .pdf; the Trains of Winnipeg project website as of March 1, 2006; and four Trains of Winnipeg “film loop mosaics” (web-based dynamic visual art works)

1 print copy of the poem “Love in the White City,” signed

Four 35mm film segments cut from reel 4 of the Trains of Winnipeg feature film cycle

Available for purchase only.


  • art and artists
  • autobiography
  • landscape/arch.
  • literary/theatre
  • music

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  • experimental
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