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When you distribute your films through the CFMDC they will be available to local and international curators, educators, broadcasters and festival programmers who access the CFMDC as one of the world's most important sources for contemporary film.

Distributing Your Film Through CFMDC

The first step is to download the film submission form (see attachment below). Fill it out and mail it to us along with a preview copy of your work and the requested information, so that CFMDC staff may assess distribution possibilities. This normally takes 4 to 8 weeks. What we are able to do for a given work greatly depends on the film and our client base. Once we have viewed a work, we will discuss a distribution strategy with you and you can then decide if you wish to place the film with us.

Ownership of each work remains with the artist while the CFMDC acts as an agent on your behalf and it all gets spelled out in a standard contract for each film. The CFMDC is a non-exclusive distributor. Rental rates are set by the filmmaker in consultation with the CFMDC, with minimum rates applying.

Please read the LUX Distribution Guide (below), which provides a good overview of non-commercial distribution.

If you have questions call (416) 588 0725 or email mariam(at)

If you are a pre-existing CFMDC member, and you would like to deposit new work(s) into the collection, please contact mariam(at) for the appropriate paperwork.

Here's the Distribution Deal


  • Work with you to develop a distribution strategy for your film.
  • Make your work available to national and international curators, programmers, educators and researchers.
  • Act as a sales agent for your work to broadcasters, institutions, galleries, libraries and museums worldwide.
  • Negotiate all related fees on your behalf and provide you with activity reports at any time. The CFMDC's policy is to work only with clients that pay fees and we are committed to securing fees for any public exhibition of your work.


  • Pay a one-time lifetime membership fee of $75.00, which includes your first title.
  • Pay an administration fee of $50.00 each time you place a new title with us.
  • Receive 70% of royalties generated through rentals and sales
  • Work with us to develop a distribution strategy for your film. Successful distribution is a partnership that benefits from your participation.