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Trains of Winnipeg (the short)

by Clive Holden
Canada / 17:00 / 2004
sound / colour

“An epic audiovisual poem. Trains as kinetic sculpture and kitsch, found sound art, a film-maker’s fetish or a Romantic's wet dream: O take me to far away places, the rhythm in our plastic hearts, as we are also machines. Tortured cello, the scraping wheel, old cameras, film and rail as parallel tracks through the remnants of the industrial age. ‘Trains of Winnipeg’ uses multiple film gauges and digital formats in a collage of colliding and looping vantage points on this brief, ever-moving, moment in history.”

Music by Emily Goodden.

Exhibition Formats

  • 35mm
  • Beta SP NTSC


  • art and artists
  • autobiography
  • film studies
  • found footage
  • hand-processed
  • literary/theatre
  • media studies
  • music
  • psychology/mental health


  • documentary
  • experimental
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